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About Grand Cru Capital

Grand Cru Capital is an investment group led by Benjamin Hoffman that specializes in buying, growing, and selling online businesses and other alternative assets. We are a small group of private investors and family offices in California.

As we iterate and experiment with new investment channels and strategies, we’ll share those learnings on our blog. Our investment thesis is to find new, growing markets and support the market leader(s) in that market.

What does Grand Cru mean?

Cru is a French term traditionally translated as “growth” and, more specifically in France, is a designation given to vineyards, or terroirs, that meet a superior standard of quality and reputation. Grand Cru translates to “great growth” and in certain French regions, like Burgundy, it represents only the best wines produced there.

Why did you choose Grand Cru Capital as your name?

We love wine, we love to invest, and we love to invest in wine. Grand Cru Capital sounded like a great fit.

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